About Erin


As a child growing up in Tucson, Arizona, Erin was encouraged to nurture her creativity by her mother, a
painter, artist and designer. Her father, a successful businessman, instilled in Erin a head for numbers and a
drive for business. The combination would lead her to an unmistakable destiny to design. The ability and
need to balance innate creativity with remarkable business savvy could come together so seamlessly in no
other industry.

A graduate of DePauw University, Erin’s independent and entrepreneurial spirit emerged early, when she
jumped at the opportunity to work at the 1996 Olympic Games, assisting with the yachting competitions in
Savannah, Georgia. From there, she worked for several Internet start-up companies (including one whose
team-building launch required the staff to swim with stingrays in the Caribbean) while still exploring her
desire to create.

Moving to London in 2000, Håkansson examined the unique styles of various European women she
worked with and met through her travels. With a hunger to develop a look that was hers and hers alone, the
designer learned her sense of style quickly found its footing as she focused on classic, high quality pieces
that could be enriched with a modern twist.

London proved to be a monumental period of her life on many levels; after meeting her future husband
during her first weekend in the foreign city, and finding innumerable ways to express her creative self, Erin
began the travels that would later serve as inspiration for her collections and planning the wedding that
would launch to her career as an artist.

In sticking with her consistent craving to make her mark, Erin knew that her wedding needed a personal
stamp, creating custom jewelry pieces for her bridal party. Creating jewelry had long been an interest and
hobby for Erin, but she could never have anticipated the incredible reaction wedding guests had to the
handcrafted pieces. It was not only the beautiful compliments but the interest to purchase similar jewels
that insisted Erin launch her namesake collection later that year.

Gaining inspiration from trips to Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Stockholm, and her current
favorite, Florence, among others, Erin focuses on creating pieces that accentuate and highlight a woman’s
inherent style. Each piece of jewelry is carefully designed with an eye on individuality, elegance and

Imagined and brought to life in San Francisco, Erin creates necklaces and earrings using Sterling Silver,
14K Gold Vermeil, and a bevy of precious and semi-precious gemstones. Each stone is handpicked for its
individual brilliance, quality, color, texture and shape. Though each piece is made to enhance every day
wear and enable customers to take any look from day to night with ease, Håkansson loves nothing more
than to return to her roots an build custom pieces for special occasions.

Erin marries a savvy sense of style with engaging artistic talents and a joie de vivre, producing gorgeous,
timeless collections that complement every woman’s wardrobe.

Though jewelry design is her one true love, Erin has continued to satisfy her urge to conquering the
financial industry as well, having built a successful career as an investment banker which she currently
pursues at Ackrell Capital.

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